Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Facebook Page

We opened our Facebook page a few days ago and already have more than 400 likes!

You can also follow us on our Facebook page - Shuffle tlv

New Designs

"Hamutimz" - our designers made these GUI screens.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

UI Screens "Shuffle TLV"

Changing our name

We had a discusion with Ofer, our mentor, and we decided to change a few things about our app, including our name.

The new name "Shuffle TLV" was decided due to the little changes with our UI.

Shuffle TLV is an application which helps you discover Tel-Aviv in a whole new way by "shuffling" your way through the city.

We meet with the designers...

On tuesday, 5/2/13, we met with the design team "Hamutzim" at Tel-Aviv.
We got some great feedbacks about our project, but once again we were told that our name "QuickieTLV" does not suit the purpose of our idea.

Now, we must think about a new name, and fix a few problems with our app.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Quickie TLV - The Movie

Quickie TLV is an innovative application for people who want to discover Tel-Aviv through the eyes of well-known opinion leaders residents of the city.
It was previewed while delivering our presentation at the end of the semester. 
Hope you’ll enjoy the movie…

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Final Presentation

This was the second time presenting our project. 

The first time was in front of our mentors and people who are also in the application business world. As written a few posts back, we got a lot of feedbacks. The main feedback at that time was about the actual use of "gems" as our main feature. We were told that it would be hard for us to compete with big companies who have a well-known name in the trip application business. 

The second time we presented was in front of mentors and people who work at the "Essence of Life" from the Arison business philanthropic group. The group is a non profit organization which strives to arouse awareness and to enable each and every one of us to listen to our unique voice, choose our path, be whole with our choices and live in peace within ourselves. 

After the second presentation we got some great feedbacks and some on how to improve our project and the main thing was about the name of our application - they thought the name doesn't suit the purpose and the need of the app. 

We're still trying to decide on a new name for the app, no great ideas yet, but we will update it as soon as possible.