Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ups and Downs

We forgot to tell you the whole story behind our product.

Working on this project has been a roller coaster ride. We've had our ups and our downs...
You start with an idea, which you think is absolutely amazing, something that no one has thought of before. The next stage is talking about this idea with friends, co-workers, family and you find out what others think of this idea. 
You do a little bit of research and you find out that someone else has already thought of this idea, and now it's not so amazing anymore. 

We actually started with a different idea, which was all based on music and how we can connect people through music to the city.  After 2 months working on this music app (Geotunes) we understood that this project is heading towards a dead end.
We came up with a new idea, a data based location app (don’t have a perfect name for it yet) which will help people discover new places in TLV. 

The roller coaster continued when we got different feedbacks from the mentors on this new idea of ours, and the project was changed a little bit to an app which shows secret places in Tel-Aviv, we called these places "diamonds". 
Diamonds or the gems of the city was the first main features for the app. 
We wanted to discover these secret gems by ourselves, but got more feedbacks from different mentors. The main feedback was about the data that we decide on, meaning how will we make our application different from any other application which suggest unique places and sites around the city.
Thats how we came up with this solution - the data for the app will come from well-known opinion leaders who all live in Tel-Aviv. Each leader will be questioned about his favorite places in the city. Questions such as “what is TLV for you?”, “what makes this city special?” “where is the best place to eat? and which is your favorite dish?” and so and so…
So with all of our ups and downs, changes with our product ideas, after having many slices of pizza (we have to eat at some point)…our main product characterized screens are almost ready for the designing stage…

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